DJ Swisha and Diyr join forces to release ‘Sittin’ On Chrome’ EP

Key member of LA’s Juke Bounce Werk collective, DJ Swisha, has once again teamed up with Diyr to release three tracks that radiate pure murky basement energy; these were made for moving to. Following 2019’s “Sherbalato” and January’s “I’m So Hi,” we already know that when these two come together, there’s heat on the way. The Sittin’ On Chrome EP quite easily marks their best work to date, with each track as strong as its predecessor.

Lending elements from breaks to grime, techno, footwork and almost everything in between, it’s nigh-on-impossible to pin DJ Swisha & Diyr’s sound to one genre. Their elusive sound makes Sittin’ On Chrome one of the fiercest releases of 2020. “Red Dot” kicks things off with a bass-y, grime-infused tip, comfortably warming things up for the madness that ensues.

Title track “Sittin’ On Chrome” combines dubby breaks, percussive stabs and dynamic vocals to build the ultimate club melter. If there was ever a track that made dancing irresistible, this is it. It has everything — guaranteed to cause a scene on any dancefloor.  “Techno Twitter” bumps the tempo up a few notches to bring things to an incredibly intense close. Moments of thumping bass and ferocious percussion break down into ethereal synths before building the pressure back up and beginning the rollercoaster again. It’s hard to pick a stand-out track, but this would probably have to be it; even imagining “Techno Twitter” on a huge sound system is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Based in NYC, DJ Swisha and Diyr play a vital role in the group of artists making a huge impact on the scene; alongside the likes of Kush Jones, MoMa Ready, AceMo & a whole host of others, a new sound, energy and much needed attitude is emerging. Sittin’ On Chrome manages to embody the mood and roll it up into three altogether different, but intrinsically linked tracks, making the EP absolutely essential listening. Combine the ridiculously good productions with the unapologetic political messages they push, and you have figures that represent everything the dance scene is meant to be about – if you don’t already, get to know.

Sittin’ On Chrome can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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