Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Louis Blanc

Alison Wonderland x Rezz — That’s all that needs to be said to get both fan bases hella hyped on this collaboration! But, let us elaborate just a little bit…

In the wee hours the morning, trap goddess Alison Wonderland tweeted a screenshot while she attempted to FaceTime the queen darkness, Rezz. While the fact that they must nerd out about music together is all we needed to get excited about the pic below, Alison shared more about their relationship than she probably intended…

Fact is, they are more than just acquaintances, or friends, but they’ve been producing together!

Within the shot, Alison accidentally revealed her recent downloads, which unsurprisingly included acappellas and Harry Potter things. But, “fuck the downloads,” as one said. The real magic is in these .wav files…

Ignoring that very important factor, the girls carried on with their conversation and we’re all still just sitting here wondering when the hell we can hear this collaboration!?

The reality Alison Wonderland x Rezz now consumes our thoughts! As they both tirelessly work on new material, we really hope the collaboration makes one or both their forthcoming albums… Until then, listen to their latest and fantasize about how life changing it will be!



Words by Louis Blanc
Music Editor