Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Byron Muir

If you are a future bass listener or fan, you will have most definitely heard , GANZ and his waves unique sound design circling the channels.
GANZ’s synth design and intricate drum sampling are an inspiration for many electronic producers out there. The infamous Dutch producer is back with another attention grabbing single, ‘I’ll Be Gone’. Premiering on TOKiMONSTA‘s BB1 Radio Show, “I’ll Be Gone” has been for a long time one those unreleased and frustrating IDs that everyone was searching for but now it is here! GANZ comments on how he happy he is with the final release this track,

“On ‘I’ll Be Gone,’ I wanted to take you back to where GANZ started. This one has been a fan-favorite for a while, so it’s great to finally release it. Everyone who has been asking to about it, sorry for the teasing and to keep u waiting – It’s here!” –GANZ

This tune is definitely a classic for all future bass live sets to come this year so turn it up and enjoy!

Words by Byron Muir
Music Editor