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The tweet says “The spirit Skrillex is alive and well with this one” but some users are not convinced that the message points to a collab. Some users think the tweet could also point to a remix that Crankdat did for Skrillex, a new Crankdat tune that sounds like Skrillex or a new track by Skrillex. Those in support a collab dropping soon brought out evidence that Crankdat and Skrillex have been working together.

A reply to Crankdat’s tweet referred to Crankdat dropping his new track with Skrillex when he played at the Hollywood Palladium. Another user who attended the at Salt Lake City said Crankdat asked the crowd if they wanted to hear something new with Skrillex during the buildup. Yet another user linked a video posted on Crankdat’s Facebook from October last year titled “would you ever… Skrillex x Crankdat”.

The does not fully support the theory that a collab is confirmed because Skrillex released ‘Would You Ever’ with Poo Bear last year. There is some uncertainty because the short video lacked the ‘Would You Ever’ lyrics and the same user who attended the Salt Lake City show didn’t remember hearing lyrics from the original song either.

Until either artist gives more clarification, fans the two can continue hoping that a new banger will be released in collaboration. Check out the tweet that sparked the rumors and make your own guesses at what it means.

Is a Skrillex x Crankdat Collab In The Works?

Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor