Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Byron Muir

KRANE’s collaborative series known as “SESSIONS” is back and it is better than ever. Compared to the last volume it definitely stacks up and may even surpass it in terms style and creativity. This compilation also features some very talented artists and each track is marked with the pristine style and energy that we have come to find from KRANE.

Some the artists you may know that are featured on this album include Awoltalk, Lemay, and Max Styler among others. Each track is a collaborative project that incorporates both styles the producers and it is no wonder KRANE decided to pick these artists because each track stands on its own. I don’t think anyone was really ready for this one and I definitely didn’t feel like there there would be much potential for a another one so soon, but I was obviously wrong. All in all, this project is another musical journey to which only an artist KRANE’s magnitude can take you through.

Make sure to check out SESSIONS, Vol. 2 below…

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