San Francisco-based is a relatively new member the family, but his ability to fashion entrancing, fell-good progressive house has already stood out since the release his debut single on the label, “Away.” Having released his Need You EP and a string remixes and original pieces since, the producer returns with an extended body work that once more fers a deeper look at his musical mind.

Generate sees Luttrell exploring various shades his genre choice, beginning on a swift, energized note with its title track. After taking the listener through fields airy synthesizers and clever vocal edits, he slows things down in the dreamy “Float,” which flows through retro-inspired melodic bursts and conjures summery imagery while listening.

“Walking Dream” takes things f 4/4 for a bit and into the world breaks – Luttrell artfully navigates this soundscape with cheery synth progressions and subtle bass. “Daylight” ends the EP on a lush note with enticing layers percussion and atmospheric strings playing a central role.

Luttrell explores his musical depth in 'Generate' EP Review] - Dancing Astronaut