Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Alba Smith

Here in LA, we’re always looking for the perfect summer tracks because, let’s face it, even when it’s winter it’s still pretty much beach weather here. Such a climate has led to an interesting musical climate amongst the actual climate, leading us to love tracks like Maro Music’s new “High” all year round.

Spirited and brimming with fun, “High” feels as refreshing as getting drenched by a tropical waterfall on a hot summer’s day. With the studio wizardry only a top-notch producer his caliber can deliver, Maro Music puts his unique twist on what’s to become one our new favorite songs for the season. Subtle chords in minor keys form just the right balance to the impossibly catchy female lead vocal.

For fans Maro Music who know him for his booty-shaking style trap, this wholehearted pop song may come as a surprise. With “High,” Maro shows his skills at crafting a proper pop song, whether it’s expected him or not. “High” is an uplifting, superbly pretty song that’s joyful, and it’s pure candy for the ears and soul. “High” is Maro Music at his best, and this song shows Maro’s wide spectrum.

Check it out below!

Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor