When we think music listening services, platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud immediately come to mind. While those services have their fair share conveniences for the listening audience, I would argue that another platform has played an equally large role in the expansion dance music in recent years. The platform I’m referring to is Youtube.

There’s no question that Youtube has helped the growth EDM. By creating your own channel and creating playlists, Youtube allowed listeners to listen, like and comment on a song when it was placed on the site. While these features are shared with many other sites, Youtube was among the first to allow fans, artist and labels to curate their own playlists to their liking.

Popular Youtube Channel Partners With Geffen Records

Speaking labels, one Youtube channel has grown to heights that very few music channels could ever imagine. With 5 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion plays, Proximity has become one the predominant forces in curating dance music around the globe. The channel is notorious for discovering and showcasing new talent for their audience to hear all around the world. The channel has become so relevant in the music industry that a major label has recently decided to partner with the popular channel.

Geffen Records recently struck a deal with Proximity to partner on all releases moving forward. The channel will serve as a sub-label under Geffen and will continue to bring you tracks from new and established artists in the EDM community. The first track to be released under this new partnership is “Know you Anymore ft. Sarah Hyland” by Bo Talks. The new track can be listened to in the link below.

So what does this mean for other popular Youtube music channels? For one, it clearly shows the music industry that a popular music channel can hold its own weight and carry a lot influence throughout the industry. You just can’t deny the impact that Proximity has had on the EDM community and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw other labels try to emulate this partnership with other popular Youtube channels.

On the other hand, why partner with a major label when you proved that your channel can be just as effective at promoting and selling an artist to a wide audience? It’ll be interesting to see how this partnership between Geffen and Proximity works out because this could either be the start a new trend or provide a cautionary tale to other channels about working with major labels.

Are you a fan this partnership? Do you think it will help take the channel to new heights or do you think this was an unnecessary move on Proximity’s part?