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Addictedtoedm / Arienne Milano

As most producers begin to succeed in their careers new and exciting purchases are common. Afrojack and Deadmau5 always go for the supercars, Steve Aoki and Zedd have indulged in super mansions. Rezz has had an unbelievable past few years. Breaking onto the scene with exciting and forward-thinking sound design, being championed by the likes deadmau5, releasing a stunning hit a debut album and with another one on the way, she deserves to have a little fun with a big purchase.

Rezz’s New House!

Rezz shared some new pictures her adorable new house. It is sleek, cute, and very homey. I never quite understood the allure an over the top house, so I think Rezz went with the perfect little abode. Most the design is minimal and clean but then all a sudden the last picture throws f the theme!

It appears to be her studio and possibly a bedroom. It is clearly the only room in the house she has gotten a chance to decorate or has decided to devote to all her personal artwork and accomplishments. The juxtaposition is definitely noticeable! Regardless, we want to congratulate Rezz once again for this awesome new purchase. We cannot wait to hear the first single f her forthcoming sophomore effort this Friday!