Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Maria Rosa Flatt

Spotify is sharing one new update after another. This week, they announced the launch their new functionality, which can mix your playlist like a pro. But they’re not done yet. Now, they are introducing Line-in, a brand new tool to help improve the information on their vast library artists and music.

With this feature, the online streaming music platform aims to call out for the user’s help to add more precise metadata to its media repository. By asking you to answer to some surveys, the tool will collect information about artists and their aliases, genres, moods and song descriptions overall. A spokesperson told Variety:

Similar to a collaborative platform, the concept sounds very promising for both artists and consumers, as it will ultimately allow Spotify to pinpoint the musical taste the end-users and provide them with playlists that perfectly match their preferences.

As for the quality the suggestions, Spotify has reassured their community that all the information will be reviewed and benchmarked.

Line-in is already up and running. You can start using it .