10k Kobee channels humor and explosive energy on “Without My Tool” [Video]

Rapper 10k Kobee makes use of gritty beats and humorous song writing on anthemic single “Without My Tool,” which simply focuses on letting go and having fun in an entertaining, relatable style hinged on bouncing hip-hop soundscapes. The track which highlights Kobee’s laid-back flow balanced against high-energy delivery is comical and charming as it reveals the load of personality that oozes from the Chicago-hailing talent.

With a fun music video produced by No More Heroes to go along with it, “Without My Tool” is silly, yet comes with a power-packed, uplifting message about ambition and perseverance as it pushes us towards our own dreams and goals, using brash yet catchy lyrics “better shake yo’ donkey, I ain’t talking ’bout no mule,”cushioned by pulsing basslines.

Framing the tongue-in-cheek songwriting with a bouncy infectious flow, Kobee makes it impossible for us not to dance along with the booming offering, as he taps into his ability to go viral. Having burst onto the scene only last year, Kobee who has already found his footing as an actor brings catchy bars together with amusing lyricism as his consistent efforts to capture our attention with vibrant hip-hop showcases his attempts to hone in to on his rising star status. 

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