1tbsp shares an unapologetically fun, eccentric new single “Limosina”

Returning with a piece of music that’s electric and fun in equal measure – Australian Grammy Award-nominated producer Maxwell Byrne, known as 1tbsp, brings a burst of fun and eccentric energy in his latest single, “Limosina,” featuring the dynamic Cherry Chola. This track is a vibrant teaser from his upcoming sophomore album, Megacity1000. Hot on the heels of “Starchitect,” which set the stage with its unique charm, “Limosina” amps up the excitement with its lively and unpredictable production.

The song stands out with its playful beats and quirky soundscapes, creating an infectious rhythm that’s hard to resist. Cherry Chola’s Spanish vocals add a rich, cultural layer, infusing the track. The fusion of her vibrant voice with 1tbsp’s inventive production style makes for a truly engaging listening experience. Most of all, and a hugely underrated quality in a track – it’s just, fun.

As Byrne gears up for performances at Elsewhere in New York City and the Underground Music Showcase in Denver, “Limosina” is a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. With more North American shows on the horizon,

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1tbsp live dates

Friday, August 9th-Elsewhere, NYC

Wednesday, July 27th-Underground Music Showcase, Denver