2ToneTwinss link up with Vixenz Ent raptress AshBee and Wray for “Ven Pa Ca (Remix)”

Rap duo, 2ToneTwinss have linked up with some of LA’s most popular femcees, Wray, and Ash Bee; the latter being a founding member of the Jerkin’ movement’s First Ladies, Vixenz Ent. This song’s duo, 2ToneTwinns hail from Orange County, serving attitude along with twerk ready amp throughout this cultural blending release. The song title, which translates to “come over here” in English is a great effort to unite brown and black women for a day of fun. The “ladies night” ready anthem begins in Spanish, as the Twinns perform an in-synch routine that turns a high-energy rap performance into a dance club-ready track.

“Need That” toting rap duo, Vixenz, aim at a sensational comeback these days, with Bee’s appearance on this song being as raunch and crass as ever. The veteran rhymer utilizes great candor and breathe control, almost effortlessly blending in with the ratchet wave of music her group help usher in in the late 2000’s. Crenshaw District’s Wray joins rank with such decorated talent. She is in fact the product of the late DJ Official, Grammy Award-winning super producer behind the likes of Cardi B, and YG. He appears on both her debut EP from last year, and the forthcoming, “Wray & Friends“. 

Southern California hasn’t seen such massive female rapper runs since the days of Ice Cube’s protege, Yo-Yo, and Snoop Dogg’s Dogg Pound den mother, Lady of Rage. Perhaps as pop culture moves into it a femcee frenzy, so will this particular region. Either way, these women have definitely contributed quite the resurgent. 

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