7eddy makes a statement on “Fade Away”

7eddy is looking to leave his mark on the industry before he decides to “Fade Away”. This new single from the youngest and newest member of the Anomaly Collective is an extremely impressive jump in quality as he finds himself as an artist. “Fade Away” see’s him link with Anomaly co-hort Rikshaw for a moody, laidback trap banger. 

“Fade Away” has all the typical motif’s of the modern-day trap ballad. The stuttering hi-hat patterns and flutes are blended with booming 808’s and tight kick/snare conversation is all packaged perfectly. The melodic storytelling in the lyricism on this one is stellar. The themes of heartbreak and hardship are potent and tangible. These introspective feelings are only accented by an excellent guest feature by Rikshaw. The flows from both men are engaging and engrossing to match the storytelling on offer here. The chorus is very conscious but consumable to an everyday listener and the production is clean cut. A hard feat to achieve for such a young act.  

7eddy is just beginning to make his mark on the Irish scene. This track is definitely a step in the right direction to establish himself as one of the upcoming acts in the hip-hop scene and hopefully, go on to establish himself as a worldwide name. 

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