A.CHAL stands proudly on his “High Horse”

A.CHAL releases a motivating new single “High Horse”—a fiery single filled with a highly energetic and interesting production by Frank Rio

A.CHAL is extremely versatile in both his singing and rapping abilities. Having a career singing in both Spanish and English, he motivates and touches the souls of many with his emotiv songwriting. In “High Horse,” he does a brilliant job blending both singing and rapping in his captivatingly smooth voice accompanied with his impeccable flow. The catchy hook, along with the witty rhyming and the repetition of “high horse” is alluring, serving as the perfect metaphor.
The flawless visual is perfectly parallel to the message, as we see his boss yelling at him for arriving late to work and him working hard at a fast-food spot as he daydreams about reaching great heights. Through both the music video and the songs lyrics, his vulnerability shines through every scene. The raw emotions are evident in his powerful wordplay and these elements mixed with snappy beats and high piano keys make for a pacifying track. 
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