a2zaleczisi releases ‘get busy livin / get busy dyin’ (Album)

Reclusive act a2zaleczisi is back with his first release in over six years titled get busy livin / get busy dying—An 11 track LP that mixes jazz, boom-bap with modern Alternative Rap/Chill Rap styles. As a producer, he handles the bulk of the project and the features are reduced to just himself and no one else. The cinematic layout of the project dives into a2zaleczisi’s journey from a young kid entering adulthood and shows listeners how his life has changed over time as he traveled around the country. 

The early sounds of the project deliver more of a boom-bap, retro-styled production, and a mix of insightful (“again“), bravado laden raps (“100″), and vivid storytelling (“dark n stormy”). Tracks like “Marcus Camby” and “I like dogs” are more trap-oriented tracks ripe with repeated choruses and off-the-cuff lyrics about the NBA legend and a2zaleczisi’s love for canines. Overall, the LP transitions between the past and the present peppered with relatable stories and a cohesive theme of change.
 Stand-out cuts include the jazz-infused drug-themed “h” and the introspective trap banger “slow down,” where he raps about his fear of getting old. A2zaleczisi really delivers a project that everyone can tap into and with a wide range of inspirations, he is able to present his art in a myriad of ways to fit the narrative without losing his integrity.

Get get busy livin / get busy dying. on all DSPs here.

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