Abby Nissenbaum returns with eclectic EP ‘Unreliable Narrator’

Abby Nissenbaum, a Nashville-based indie-rock artist and member of the LGBTQ+ community, has finally released her highly anticipated debut EP, Unreliable Narrator.

One of the standout tracks from Unreliable Narrator is the lead single, “Shelly Johnson”, which exemplifies Abby’s more energetic side. Amidst catchy melodies, Abby’s silky, raw and effortlessly honest vocal delivery delivers relatable, honest, and heartfelt lyricism, beautifully contrasting with the energetic indie-rock soundscape that surrounds her as the song builds a driving soundscape of crunching guitars over driving bass and drums.

Abby’s emotionally-charged exploration of depression, isolation, heartbreak, addictions, and unreliable self-narratives is candidly portrayed through her songwriting. Unreliable Narrator, produced between the famed Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville and Los Angeles, delivers an infectious indie-rock sound that incorporates alternative-pop, folk, and subtle electronics, offering a dynamic listening experience.

Abby revealed that Unreliable Narrator is an exploration of how external situations and inner feelings interact to form our internal narratives. She began writing this album in 2019 after leaving her Social Psychology PhD program and reflecting on the ways external negative situations and hurtful messages had been heavily souring her own self-talk and self-perception. She hopes that listeners, especially other queer folks, can find solace in these songs and the fact that not every bad thing we believe about ourselves is the truth.

A classically-trained soprano and musical theatre performer, Abby rediscovered her love for music during her time as a graduate student at the University of Memphis.  Abby’s emotive, bright vocal performances pay homage to 60s female rock singers and blend with contemporary indie-alt rock elements, creating a compelling and unique sound that’s worthy of the acclaim she is receiving.

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