Abby Sage creates daydreams in “Residing in the Sky”

Abby Sage has dropped another tender track about self-love. Her past tracks like “Smoke Break” and “Wasting Away” showcased her Norah Jones mixed with Phoebe Bridgers indie folk style. Today, Sage releases her new single "Residing In The Sky" ahead of her approaching EP along with a music video.

“Residing in the Sky” feels “light and boundless”, as Sage describes. It opens with a gloomy acoustic guitar, but is contrasted with her angelic folk vocals. When it feels like the track can’t get more hypnotizing with the carousel melody, the chorus brings in all-encompassing orchestral synths and reverbed guitars. Her songwriting proves itself to be gently powerful with Abby reflecting, "I’m making love to my future,' this starting line was exactly how I felt at that moment. I began prioritizing myself, adoring myself, and placing value on my future alone rather than a future with someone else."

The track comes from Sage's upcoming six-track EP Fears of Yours & Mine, which will apparently maintain that quiet introspectiveness and confidence that Sage has already displayed in past tracks. It should make for a very beautiful collection when it comes out November 12..

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