Abi Ocia drops her emotive new single “LTWYLM” [Video]

Sometimes falling in love is not always like you see it in the movies. Many of us have this beautiful dream of what love is. Love can be this amazing life-changing thing, but it can also bring so much deep sadness as well. Abi Ocia has crafted an airy piece “LTWYLM” all about indulging in those fantasies yet staying aware of the realities as well. The track radiates with shimmering synths and buttery vocals.

The visuals seamlessly capture the song’s passionate vibes. Throughout the video you can see Ocia move along the dance floor in such a strong, captivating nature. That imagery paired with clips of a short-lived love makes this offering so powerful.

West London talent Abi Ocia is known for her dreamy music that tugs at your heart. This new retro sounding synth-pop single has that lush quality. She takes influence from a wide array of genres making her music so intricate and textured. The singer reveals, “My dad is British, grew up in Sussex, and my mum is from St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. I had an interesting mix of exposure to different music – my dad is a big Genesis fan, lots of Phil Collins, and on the flip-side my mum would be playing all sorts, Whitney, Kenny Rogers, Gospel, Reggae, everything.”        

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