Absnt Mind Re-ignite Boyband Culture With “No Strings”

New boy band Absnt Mind has released their debut single “No Strings.” This modern pop anthem marks the beginning of a promising journey for the group. Inspired by their own experiences and the pressures of their generation, “No Strings” encourages fans to embrace the present and revel in the joy of simply being. The single touches on themes of commitment, respect, and the desire for meaningful relationships.

Comprised of five dynamic talents, Absnt Mind has quickly garnered a significant following on social media, boasting over 10,000 Instagram followers and nearly 30,000 on TikTok. Their dedicated fans, known as ‘Absentees,’ have grown from the band’s school tours and will soon experience the band’s energy live during their first headline tour across the UK.

Alex Benson, with his intellectual charm and exceptional vocals, Oscar Williams, the mischievous musical prodigy, Conor Marcus, the energetic Northern Irishman, Ashton Henry-Reid, the smart and cool dancer, and Freddie Meyer, the youngest and playful member, form this charismatic group. Working with top producers like Billen Ted, The Futuristics, and Kamille, Absnt Mind is poised to revolutionise boy band culture, starting with this memorable debut.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
● Fri 26 July : Newcastle Think Tank
● Sat 27 July : Nottingham Bodega
● Sun 28 July : Cardiff The Globe
● Weds 31 July : London 02 Academy2 Islington
● Thurs 01 Aug: Manchester Deaf Institute

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