Acclaimed guitarist Hannah Robinson drops rock/blues track, “Dig Me Up”

Rock queen Hannah Robinson is giving us smooth rock vibes dashed in a swirling world of blues in her new track, “Dig Me Up.” The single talks about a special someone pulling you out of a dark period or mental fuzz. Whether it’s self-doubt or worry, when you meet a person that takes you away from it, there is beauty in them helping you feel back to your real self again. Robinson shares, “It’s inspired by things I’ve felt, and the joy in being brought out of that state.” 

The steady, hearty beat and shaking bells sit under the warmth of electric riffs, muffled in a rocky grit. The guitars running underneath the main vocal hook are particularly Noel Gallagher-esque and emit a laid-back feeling in the rich blues tones. The minimal vocal melodies are short and sweet, eliciting space in the soundscape to soak up the instrumentation. The artist reveals, “I like having the short, fixed, almost constrained verse lines to tell a story in a short time, playing with the imagery of being buried.”

Working alongside a number of acclaimed musicians, “Dig Me Up” includes guitars from Scott McKeon (Sir Tom Jones, Lana Del Ray), Paul Stacey (The Black Crowes, Tal Wilkenfeld, Noel Gallagher), bass and backing vocals from Phil Brickell and drums from Russ Parker (Thea Gilmore). Robinson certainly pulled out all the stops to make this track the polished anthem that it is. This ageless single is a next level explosion of talent and we’re looking forward to hearing more solo work from Robinson!

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