Adam Rom shares the glowing new single “Pieces”

UK singer-songwriter Adam Rom shares the delicate new single “Pieces”. Intertwined with soft acoustics, the single reflects a change of direction for Rom, who’s usual electronic style sets a high bar. Yet with delicate finger-plucked chords, the smooth sounds create a soothing happy-go-lucky tune. 

Glowing with a sepia-toned hue, the track embraces its listener with open arms. With rising warmth, “Pieces” is a track who’s melodies are super infectious and sleekly laying the foundation for idyllic summer days. Combined with Rom’s effortless vocals, the single emits feelings of true euphoria. It’s pure bliss. Detailing the joy of falling in love with someone, for Rom “the song is [about] when you feel so whole and happy with that other person, you’ll do anything for them and they’ll do anything for you. You’re in this really special period. All of your fears and worries seem to vanish.”

Despite being only 18 years old, the track is laced with honest, heartfelt lyrics. With a youthful touch, “Pieces” is a slice of escapism from an artist who has so much incredible potential it’s baffling how he’s not already a superstar. Watch this space.

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