Addict. and Rewind share atmospheric new single “Love, Hate.”

Italian artists Addict. and Rewind have shared a new single called “Love, Hate.”. This breezy song provides an intriguing soundscape that is both layered and ambient.

Instrumentally, “Love, Hate.” is centred around dream-like, reverb-soaked guitars which float along surreally. They are accompanied by minimalistic synths, which are affected to create walls of sound. Overall, the marriage of these instruments creates an expansive soundscape that draws in the listener. It is sonically intriguing because it provides a lot of sensory stimulation with sparse instrumentation. Furthermore, the artists provide dreamy vocals that are drawn out in an uncanny fashion. The vocals add to the mystical mood of this song, creating even more intrigue.

All in all, “Love, Hate.” is an interesting release from Addict. and Rewind. This song caps off a string of strong releases from both artists, who have recently been racking up some major numbers on streaming platforms. On this new single, they come through with an engaging, idiosyncratic sound that draws the listener into their world.

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