Afika debuts music video for serene single “Guide Me Home”

If his journey began in a blaze of emotions, so it ends, as most journeys do, in cool reflection: North Carolina’s Afika delivers “Guide Me Home,” the final entry of his visualizer EP BLK JON SNO. “Guide Me Home” is the culmination of months of hard work and years of self-development; the song radiates from each elegant piano chord, and sharp snare hits that are further intensified by Afika’s confessional verses.

It is not so surprising that this final installment, which follows up 2019’s “Chosen” and “King’s Court,” is so serene in comparison to its predecessors. At the heart of “Guide Me Home” are vibrant themes of internalized redemption and acceptance, atonement for wrongdoings, and readiness to move forward.  “The track is about guiding myself back to what gave me personal power in the first place: loving myself in action, and spirit” explains Afika – whose transition to New York City proved a difficult test now aced. 

Written by Afika, TOTEM, and Christian Medice, who also produced the track, “Guide Me Home” is a walk among sands of serenity, a concept well-captured by Tucker Debevec in the music video. This final song in the BLK JON SNO saga may seem like closure, and it no doubt is, but to the artist, it serves as a new beginning. The project as a whole serves as a sonic talisman with which the artist can move forward, a reminder of the magic he can create, and ultimately encapsulate.

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