Agnes Azria explores her internal battles on "Keep It Simple" EP

Los Angeles based musician Agnes Azria drops new EP Keep It Simple an introspective collection of alt-pop songs about her own internal battles thrust into the world in hopes of connecting and guiding anyone facing similar troubles.Tapping into this rising singer’s natural penchant for taking inspiration from the world around her and anchored by her husky, powerful vocals, the four tracks attempt to unpack the complexities of life by the strong hand of easy-going musicality.

Opening with soft synths and rich harmonies of “Bait,” created in collaboration with singer-songwriter duo GOLDSPACE, Agnes explores the idea of trust and how easy it can be to trust the wrong people. Revealing glimpses of relatable anxieties related to self-worth, that slice through the  jazzy silkiness of the soundscape, EP moves seamlessly into the groovy, hypnotic beats of “sorry” elevated by Agnes’ sultry, emotive vocal delivery.

Amidst the slow-burn sonic arrangements, the hazy stylings of “Daydreams,” is a stand-out offering that leans away from into simmering synths thus far settling into more upbeat burst of guitar. The versatile musician known for her ability to cover wide ranging narratives from women’s rights, sexuality, immigration and mental health brings the EP to a strong close with“ Keep It Simple,” which dips quickly and effectively from the feel-good sensibilities of “Daydreams,” into the foreboding touch of the title track.

With sonics that zip relentlessly between gentle and jittery, suitably reflecting the concept of the EP which Agnes describes as an attempt to “provide some solace and unity for listeners,"Keep It Simple is this young talent’s honest explorations of complicated relationships, conflicting thoughts and the challenges of life, intricately sown into the tapestry of her therapeutic artistry.

Having decided to take a creative path that led her away from the reputation and shadow of iconic fashion designer parents, Agnes has established with this EP and her previous releases, a strong identity of her own as she explodes into the alt-pop music scene as one to watch.

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