AHO capture the ambience of spring on single “See Swallows Play”

Under the moniker of AHO, Helsinki producer Matti Ahopelto captures a fleeting moment in nature on “See Swallows Play,” the lead single from new album Odyssey. With cinematic sweeping synths layering over intricate arrangements of strings, brass, flutes, guitar and piano, the track is a soaring production.

Inspired by a simple spring moment of seeing a swallow play on a cold but sunny morning, gave rise to this soundscape which manages to melancholic yet playful. Led by synths and then bringing in the melodic touches of flutes and guitar, the track has a free-flowing creative that perfectly encapsulates the expanse of nature around us.

Ahopelto who has crafted a genre-blend artistry rooted in classical and electronica takes his reputation of ambient sonic textures further on this track, which is one taster of an emotive and versatile collection of tracks on the album.

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