AIRPORTS talks about the power of possession in “U Feel It 2”

Australian alt/pop artist AIRPORTS drops the bewitching new track “U Feel It 2.” Rich, sombre tones tell the story of yearning for someone or something and the power they possess over you, whether it be positive or negative. Bleeding with luscious melodies and velvet vocals dripping with passion, the Sydney based musician has formulated a heady and addictive release. 

Dreamy, ethereal harmonies create an almost haunting backdrop, laden with stimulating synths and desirous lyrics. AIRPORTS shines emphasis on the true hold a loved one can have, singing, “We been falling fast in slow mo, try to walk away but it don’t go, thinking that I can’t let go and I know you feel it too.” The multifaceted single enables listeners to take away their own message, creating an entirely relatable track regardless of life experiences. 

“U Feel It 2” is another example of the songwriter’s talent for creating music which challenges norms. As a fully independent artist, AIRPORTS, aka Aaron Lee has the ability to take control over every aspect of his music, allowing him to follow his extraordinary ear and musical mind. His repertoire ranges from hip-hop to punk and everything in between, however his current slew of singles have been landing more in the lofi/pop field and we’re all about it. His polished production and knack for generating instantly infectious anthems, puts him at the top of our summer playlists. 

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