Aisha Vibes delivers new vibrant single "HALT DEIN MAUL" [Video]

German-Ghanaian artist Aisha Vibes follows up her debut release "RUDEBWOY," with a fiery banger titled "HALT DEIN MAUL" which translates to shut your mouth in English. Pproduced by German super-producer and prodigy Maxe has hints of Afro-beats and hip-hop with its catchy instrumentation and bouncy drum groove to match. Aisha really owns the track and effortlessly blends her native German with English to tap into an international fan base while also staying true to herself with bravado-laden raps. As the saying goes, less is more and Aisha delivers a catchy tune bolstered by a mantra-type hook for everyone to remember.

For the visuals, Aisha calls up her longtime collaborator Terry Ellmer to help bring her vision to life and the result is a bright, energetic, unfiltered clip. It focuses on Aisha's unapologetic style alongside her all-female gang in her hometown of Heidelberg. devoid of any type of glitz, Ellmer goes for an authentic street-infused style for the ladies, from the swagg costumes to the expressive choreography and eye-popping shots.

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