Aiza Lifts Herself with Grace and Pride on New EP Winds Of Change

Afrobeat sensation Aiza returns with a new project, a departure from her established sound for something successfully ambitious.

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The “Afro Bop Queen” has been turning heads and building a brand of Afrobeat-infused pop-soul music for the last few years, which culminated in a larger presence in the public consciousness with 2023’s Sovereignty.

Sovereignty was a strong debut for the singer, showcasing her range of musicality. It was home for rhythm-infectious tracks like “Cocoa Butter” as well as layered alt R&B cuts like “Black Tea”. Aiza’s debut was strong, but the singer’s ambition would continue to prosper with her latest EP Winds of Change, a six-track project embodying the change of tide for the Toronto singer.

Winds of Change is rich with fluid harmonies with layered, simple yet nuanced lyrics, taking a more creative step in the production by incorporating traditional jazz elements. All of it is sonically supported by veteran producer C The Reason.

C’s been a proud producer in hip hop and afrobeat spaces as well as a mainstay in jazz orchestral composition and brings that ear for wind melodies to the production value. He brings the “wind” element into the life of Winds of Change.

The project is a divestment from an afrobeat direction, but not in its full entirety. It’s Aiza going full ballroom jazz singer, calling on other soul elements, and she plays the role fantastically. It’s a very sonically different feel from Sovereignty without giving up the character that imbues that project.

“I Love Myself” is the stand-out single from the EP and the first introduction to this big band style and it’s the best song to start with. The instrumental slowly rises, building to a stronger narrative that sees Aiza explore self-love with vivid poetry and confidence exuding in her performance.

Winds of Change is a fun change of pace for the Toronto singer, and space for Aiza to revel in her confidence as well as share a lesson or two of this grand journey that’s taking place.

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