Ajna shares introspective new single “Lifelines”

Los Angeles artist Ajna has shared a new single called “Lifelines”. This song finds him building upon the lyrically-focused and detailed sound of recent singles like “Take Me Back” and “Fall So Fast”, making for a heartfelt, introspective offering. The title track off his upcoming album Lifelines, it details him closing a painful chapter of his life, discussing personal growth and the need to move on to new horizons.

“Lifelines” opens with wistful horns and warm, somber keys, before infectious bass and snapping percussion are added to create a solid foundation for Ajna’s crisp vocal delivery and heartfelt lyricism. Atop the pensive instrumentation, he provides dynamic, flexible flows across verses that touch on potent topics like self-growth and dealing with life’s highs and lows. A poignant and thought-provoking track overall, “Lifelines” continues Ajna’s streak of lyrically-focused, sharply-crafted offerings.

The latest from the Los Angeles rapper, “Lifelines” will appear on his upcoming album of the same name.

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