Akinyemi finds the positives in being “Selfish”

Queens-based artist Akinyemi sets his own flare to the hip-hop sound. Known for backdropping his tracks with dark production, he experiments hip-hop with bright lo-fi or heavy beats. Today, Akinyemi plays with a mix of hip-hop and R&B with his newest track “Selfish”.

While being selfish might sound like a bad trait to have, Akinyemi looks at its benefits and feelings of self-reflection. He raps, “do not disturb, don’t pursue me on my phone. Now they can’t find me, I had to be gone.” It might sound harsh at first, but he only requires that he distance himself from others to find out more about himself. Akinyemi pushes the need for self-care to eventually care about others. The shimmering synths and electronic hi-hats in the production bring out the honesty and hints of optimism in the lyrics.

The track comes together with an R&B vibe with the stirring vocals of Shane Garcia in the track’s hook. Instead of judging Akinyemi’s self-interest, she confesses that she’s self-aware of her own selfish habits. Together, then, the two prove that selfishness is just a part of human nature. However, it’s one choice to either learn and grow into a better version of oneself or remain stagnant in ignorance.

“Selfish” has been released ahead of Akinyemi’s forthcoming debut album Reborn, which will explore the artist’s experiences as a Nigerian immigrant growing up in Queens, New York. Therefore, fans can expect to hear something completely unique and true to only Akinyemi.

Listen to “Selfish” right now and stayed tuned for more information about his upcoming debut album Reborn.

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