Akitsugu Fukushima shares a captivating EP “Sleeping In My Bed”

Akitsugu Fukushima has composed music for popular Hong Kong films and Japanese pop songs. He has recently released a new EP called “Sleeping In My Bed”. The EP has four songs like Hero that mix different types of music like pop, electronic and classical. This unique combination of music will be loved by people from different parts of the world.

Each of the four songs is just over four minutes long, so the whole EP is 16 minutes and 51 seconds long. The EP has a name that sounds like a private and personal experience. Aki, as he is sometimes known, has been making music for many years, so he has developed a special style that is different from other musicians.

The EP has been expertly mastered by KASHIWA Daisuke, who has made sure that every note of the music sounds clear and beautiful. This will help listeners to enjoy the stories and emotions in Aki’s music even more. The EP tells a story through music, and each song has a different part of the story.

Aki is always trying to create new and exciting music, and “Sleeping In My Bed” is proof of his talent and hard work. Whether you have listened to his music before or not, this EP is a great way to experience his unique style and to hear how he combines different types of music.

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