Alabama vocalist Flight Volume unveils his low-key new single, “The Optimist”

Whether it’s directing the video, producing the beat, making the cover art or even doing all of the above, artists who are able to do more, often have a better shot at breaking through. One of those artists is Alabama vocalist, Flight Volume, a thought provoking lyricist who has showcased a knack for being more than just that. Although music is at its’ best when it allows itself to collaborations, there’s just something that’s always going to be endearing about an artist who can leave their fingerprints on the whole package, as evidenced by Flight in his engaging new video for, “The Optimist.”

Directed by Flight himself, the video takes place over several beach-y locations, employing a distorted filter at times that surprisingly adds to the vibe. One of the other qualities about the video that endears itself is the fact that Flight is largely the only person in the video. Combining that notion with the already down-tempo aesthetic of the record highlights just how much the video compliments the record. Produced and written by Flight, what’s most impressive about this whole package is how his hands were stamped all over it.

Be sure to check out the video below, as well as AIRPLANE MODE, which features appearances from Twista, Dylan Reese and more.

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