Alaska Reid shares poignant new single “Warm” ahead of debut EP [Video]

Montana-bred, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alaska Reid recently shared her new single “Warm.” Her fifth single of 2020 arrived shortly ahead of her debut EP Big Bunny out December 11th. Prior to this EP, Reid released an album entitled Crush in 2017 with her former band Alyeska.

The final single of the year from the Terrible Records signee serves as a powerhouse of perplexing emotions enhanced by Reid’s cottony vocals and stirring lyrics. Reid’s past music has operated in the landscape of fuzzed out vocals and guitars echoing the artists such as Dinosaur Jr. and Paul Westerberg. On the storytelling front, Reid places focus on life in Montana, the stark changes of moving to Los Angeles, and becoming jaded with the everyday hustle.

On “Warm,” Reid displays her signature alternate tunings, subtle electronic elements, and the pathos behind uncertainty. Reid’s lyricism often leans on tales of her sisters and other young women characters. “Warm” feels breezy in nature, but under the surface is a penetrating effort sharply elevated by a vignette of ordinary life. It shines a light on cherishing those moments of stillness inside this chaotic world we navigate through.

 “‘Warm’ is a retrospective about playing shows and hanging around LA in my late teens / early twenties and feeling pretty lonely within it all”, explains Reid over email. “The song spans Montana and Los Angeles – A. G. Cook and I recreated that in the video, going between the two, shooting at the beach and then in my hometown between the Yellowstone River & the train tracks.”

“Warm” is produced by Max Hershenow (MS MR) & A. G. Cook (Charli XCX, Jónsi, PC Music). It follows her previous singles “Big Bunny,” “Oblivion,” and “Boys From Town.” Big Bunny EP is out on Friday.

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