Alec Wigdahl is all about spreading “The Word”

Alec Wigdahl’s new song “The Word” is delivering DIY disco-pop with an edge.

Alec Wigdahl might not be a household name yet, but he’s well on his way. He’s part of the infamous collective Internet Money, the producers behind some of the most innovative hip-hop records recently, and his distinctive style is putting him on the map. 

His new song “The Word” delivers infectious hand-claps as classic ’70s guitar strums intertwine with a slick bassline. Wigdahl’s, sweet vocals twist around each word. “Baby can we live in the moment?” he croons in the lyrics slowly leading into a shimmering chorus. At the core of the song, he’s almost begging for one night not to feel alone, all he needs is for one word.  

The song drifts in and out of ambient sounds hitting just where it needs to. Vivid undertones cause a dreamy vortex that feels like your best night out, sweaty bodies dancing, with just a hint of desperation. Towards the conclusion, Wigdahl’s voice drowns out, and the track strips down to nothing but a slowed-down beat; a sultrier mood takes over. 

Wigdahl’s ability to write deeply personal songs over such infectious melodies is apparent throughout his songs. He’s clearly a hopeless romantic, and it’s a feeling that’s expressing earnestly through his bold songwriting 

Alec Wigdahl’s musical ambitions started after his first painful teen breakup, which made up his first EP. He studied at Berklee College of Music then left to pursue his career on his own. He followed his instincts and wound up on the Internet Money Records radar, where his career took off.  

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