Alec Wigdahl’s “Lipstick” is sure to soundtrack your summer romance

It takes a certain level of vulnerability to write music that is both specific to your own experience and is relatable enough to be felt universally. At only 19 years old, Alec Wigdahl has done just that. The singer-songwriter’s new single, “Lipstick,” explores the joyous and carefree aspects of a budding relationship with enough detail that leaves listeners longing for their own summer fling.  

“Lipstick” is an affirmation of Wigdahl’s versatility as both an artist and musician. His 2019 EP, Strawberry, showcased his talent on stripped-down tracks that were built around refined acoustic guitar and varied piano melodies. Having taught himself guitar and production skills, Wigdahl has a heavy hand in the creation of his music. Since the release of Strawberry, he has been exploring more elaborate pop production alongside the Internet Money team, Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and OkTanner. His previous single “Cologne,” along with “Lipstick,”is a change in sound for Wigdahl, but he only seems to be stepping further into who he is as an artist.

The fear that can accompany variation in genre is that the personal connection gets lost somewhere in between. But for Wigdahl that hasn’t been a problem, “In my own music I try to be as personal and vulnerable as I possibly can, so that everyone can feel like the song was made for them.” Wigdahl continues, “I want them to feel like I’m narrating their story at the same time that I’m narrating mine.” The stories and messages within his music remain at the forefront of every song. 

“Lipstick” is the perfect summer song. Whether you’re having a quarantine pool party with roommates or you just matched with someone new on a dating app, be sure to have it playing somewhere nearby.

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