Alex Lustig shares a new single, “Snow In The Distance,” from his latest LP, Fate (B-Sides)

Belgian-born, Toronto-based producer and artist Alex Lustig unveil his latest single, “Snow In The Distance,” from his new LP, Fate (B-Sides). The eleven-track LP project showcases Lustig’s growth as an artist, featuring a more upbeat take on his signature serene fusion sound. This is the second full-length release from Lustig, following the success of his 2022 album, Fate.

Fate (B-Sides) combines hypnotic rhythms, soothing beats, and mesmerizing synths, creating a sonic environment that is tranquil and enticing. According to Lustig, “Fate is a project about self-love, finding yourself, and embracing the full range of emotions and experiences we face as humans in our lifetime. Fate is your destiny, and I believe everything I go through has its purpose in my life and personal growth.”

The lead single, “Snow In The Distance,” offers a perfect blend of delicate synths and a grounded rhythm, with the bass line acting as the song’s heartbeat. Lustig also collaborates with South Korean R&B artist SUMIN on “Neo,” a track experimenting with contrast and form. The frenetic BPM paired with SUMIN’s vaporous vocals creates a unique, turbulent, yet calming experience.

“Fade,” a collaboration with London singer Sølv, is a darkly sublime club track that transports listeners to an obscure, transcendental dimension. The LP concludes with the ethereal “Void,” which utilizes celestial synths and bell-like tones to create an atmosphere of serenity and light.

In addition to his solo work, Lustig has been busy producing for top artists, including OVO Sounds’ latest signee, Naomi Sharon. His recent credits include tracks for Lil Wayne, Gunna, Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, Tinashe, and Lexie Liu, showcasing his versatility and prowess as a producer.

Stream Alex Lustig‘s “Snow In The Distance,” on Spotify.

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