Alex Sloane unveils enchanted music video for dreamy single, “Mine”

Following up the release of her ephemerally dreamy, glittery cyber & otherworldly EP, Dear DiaryAlex Sloane has premiered the music video for the sweet but venomous single, “Mine.”

[embedded content]

A vintage decor princess bedroom, pages detailing nothing but one repetitive line of “Everything is ok,” the hauntingly sweet music video gives nods to Kubrick’s 1980 classic, “The Shining.” Featuring a breathlessly thrilling tempo and Sloane’s honey smooth, quaint but beyond recognizable vocal, “Mine” perfectly infuses electronic influence with lo-fi and hyperpop. Displaying the movie-set reality behind the picturesque, cottage-core bedroom at the end of the music video, Sloane again reveals the danger of delusions, reiterating the main focus of “Mine” once more.

While “Mine” as a single certainly does not lack multitudes, the Dear Diary EP spins lyrics, production and arrangement through countless moments of transformations, all while the project remains highly stylized and unique to none but Alex Sloane. Entertaining complex emotions and the polarity of love, tracks like “Kinda Hate U Kinda Love U” feel like mesmerizing forbidden diary entries that you just can’t look away from.

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