All hail Ark Patrol, “King” of his own alternative domain

Seattle’s Ark Patrol has not let quarantine slow him down. As a recent cancer survivor, self-isolation has become more of a friend than a stranger, whispering encouraging remarks. It’s what helped to inspire his critically acclaimed debut EP in 2019, and now again, his forthcoming new project, Geode. Dropping on May 21st, it will see Ark Patrol exploring his talents as not only a DYI producer, but a vocalist as well. Starting with the recently released “Falling From Heaven” and continuing with his brand new single, “King.” 

The familiar Ark Patrol mannerisms make an appearance—abbreviated drum patterns and distorted synth lines leading the melody on. But the true surprise is the confidence with which he sings so freely, completely unafraid of his own artistic judgement. In a recent interview with he revealed his affinity for the creative control of singing your own songs: “I think at the core nobody is going to sing it exactly the way that I have it envisioned in my head, even in the tightest collaboration, it’s just going to be different than what you’re imagining.” 

Vocals aside, “King” takes on the flexible and free approach with great strides, playing around with a fuzzy bass line and teasing bell sounds. A stark contrast to his earlier work that boasted of tighter melodies and louder synths. Though this relaxed version of Ark Patrol features a more ambient sound, his signature electronic quirks never cease to surprise, alighting your body into hundreds of little fires. Only to be extinguished with the ringing of the last infatuating beat. 

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