Ally Barron's EP 'Sincerely, AB.' is a tale of personal development

Southern California-born and bred pop artist Ally Barron has unveiled her debut five track EP Sincerely, AB. The collection of soul-drenched, raw songs detail everything from surviving a toxic relationship to finding closure and becoming a more confident and compassionate person. 

In her leading single "What's Her Number", the singer-songwriter realizes she was placing the blame of a bad relationship on her ex's new lover who had no fault in the matter. Confiding, “we weren’t together and I knew he was seeing other girls, which obviously makes any situation hard. My first instinct was to focus on what the girl had done wrong until I realized it’s never the girl's fault, it’s always the sleazy guy. As girls, we should be helping each other out, so it inspired me to write a song based on giving girls warnings about the bad guys out there."

"What's Her Number" features Barron's signature warm and silky R&B vocals and a delicious pop melody that glides over nostalgic hip hop inspired beats. While her track "T-Shirt" is more of a slow burned soulful cry of yearning. Barron wrote the song after an ex left his t-shirt at her place. Clinging to the item kept her from moving on and the relatable narrative became an inspiration for the captivating and soaring new single.

The first song on the EP is "You Thought" a moody alt R&B single complete with swirling synths and an engaging hook. "You Thought" is all about passing judgement on people. Sometimes we don't really know what is going on in people's lives and why they act the way they do and Barron reminds us all to have an open mind and try to give people the grace they deserve. 

Overall, Ally Barron has succeeded in creating a powerful debut EP filled with R&B flavored pop songs detailing personal growth amidst heartbreak. The songwriter began her musical journey at an early age, learning piano and voice at age seven to overcome her debilitating shyness. Landing a lead role in high school on the AwesomenessTV show Malibu Surf, Barron found success also contributing music to the series and subsequent spinoff. With influences ranging from Rihanna to Alessia Cara and Zara Larsson, Ally Barron creates her own charismatic brand of electro infused soul pop.

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