Alt-pop act Eliyanah is melancholic yet uplifting in new single "Somebody Else"

Alt-pop musician Eliyanah journeys through the complicated twists and turns that come with a long-term relationship coming to an end on emotion-drenched “Somebody Else,”—a new project with delicate layers of nostalgic keys over soft beats juxtaposed against pulsing basslines. The soothing track highlights the emerging act’s melodic vocals as it flits over indie, electronic and pop in one smooth move, as the song writing infuses the nostalgia and comfort into every ethereal note.

With a message about looking back with melancholia at a bond which has disintegrated while also offering uplifting comfort as it leads us to a better future, the track is cathartic yet empowering. Co-written with Eliyanah’s brother Simon Woodley and musician Ben Scott, “ Somebody Else,” weaves an introspective mood that resonates with anyone who has been through heartache.

Growing up on music of the 80s courtesy of her father and influenced by musicality from her Christian background, Eliyanah who was part of the congregation’s musical productions from the age of seven crafts soulful music that lulls us with its earworm quality, as she channels love through song. Quietly soothing us through her sonics, “Somebody Else,” is an indication of the potential this rising star will continue to tap into.

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