Alt-pop act Scary Jeri delivers liberation on “Excommunication”

Alaska-hailing alt-pop singer and producer Scary Jeri explores breaking out of the confines of your old habits on infectious offering “Excommunication,” layering thumping beats and lush pop soundscapes elevated by Jeri’s velvet vocals.

With a liberating message on freeing yourself from things or beliefs holding you back and embracing change. Inspired by their own realisation of no longer connecting with their faith and accepting that even seemingly good things can be bad for you, the track written as a “break up song from the church,” captures a very personal experience but leaves behind an expansive, relatable message about starting things anew in life.

Having burst onto the scene in 2019 with indie soundscapes delving into everything from mental health and addiction to spirituality and social justice, Scary Jeri establishes themselves as a talent to keep your ears, heart and mind open for as brings impressive lyricism and earworm harmonies to life in her pursuit to reach greater heights in music.

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