Alt-pop duo Elkin drops soothing and nostalgic single "Tokens"

Alt-pop duo Elkin celebrate memories of their early 20's in nostalgic offering “Tokens,” an uplifting production crafted with lush harmonies and a booming bassline, layered over soft, melodic vocals. Refreshing and comforting, the track blooms in the junction between summery alt-pop and hazy folk, as it reminds us of every loved one we’ve met in the journey of life.

With a dreamy touch evoked by the lulling lilt of the duo’s vocal quality, “Tokens,” is an emotional yet anthemic track that captures the heart-felt moments when a song comes on and instantly reminds you of a person. With sweet, poetic lyricism that paints vivid imagery of the keepsakes we collect from each loving interaction in our lives, the song wraps your heart in unbridled joy and fondness.

Having refined their sound over the years, Ellen and Carla who have been singing together since the age of 15, come alive as Elkin consistently creating refreshing soundscapes built around comforting blend of buoyant alt-pop with introspective folk. A long line of catchy singles littering 2019 with success and stardom, the duo have slowly but surely found their feet as an act who are made for big things. Not letting the pandemic dampen their creativity, Elkin who have an EP due soon have continued to write and record music, putting forward “Tokens,” as an irresistible glimpse of everything to come.

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