Alt-rock act Deva St. John reflects on career doubts on anthemic track "Pity Party"

Alt-rock artist Deva St. John reflects on moments of career doubt on banger “Pity Party,” a genre-hopping production that strikes the perfect balance between worry-ridden lyrics and bouncy soundscapes. Exploring personal instances of overthinking, the track comes alive as the anthem for introverts.

Led by her husky, bold vocals and heavy guitar-led instrumentals, “Pity Party,” sees the Reading-born talent create an explosive alternative-rock soundtrack brimming with equally amounts of attitude and anxiety. A blend of pop and rock from beginning to end, the polished production roots us in place with its wild and gritty energy as it swerves into multiple genres with effortless nuances of nostalgic '90s rock meeting futuristic electronica.

With a message that encourages us to find the silver linings in the worst of situations, the track is as cathartic for Deva as it is a lesson in upliftment for her listeners. With a consistent delivery of earworm music since her debut in 2018, Deva St. John has chased sonic refinement as she continues to make a name for herself in the alt-rock scene.

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