Alt-rock duo Brick + Mortar wanting to find yourself on "Mystery to Myself"

American alternative rock duo Brick + Mortar drops self-reflective anthem “Mystery to Myself,” which explores the urgency of wanting to find yourself, wrapped up in glitchy sonics and anthemic vibes. Built on distorted synths and mystery-tinged vocals of lead vocalist Brandon Asraf, the track laments the realization that you don’t recognize yourself.

With an expansive soundscape that breaks down the confines of genre, appearing polished yet gritty and organic carried by their ability to craft intricate sonics that inspire people, the duo offer a heartfelt and message-heavy artistry that can paint vibrant but contemplative worlds.

Coming across as uplifting as they are framed by anxiety, depression, and the social complexities, Brick + Mortar which began a small-scale musical experiment Brandon’s little brother’s couch, with his buddy John Tacon has grown leaps and bounds, as the duo have hit their creative stride.

Infusing authenticity and emotion into every explosive note, “Mystery to Myself,” gives us a glimpse of the sonic and lyrical direction that the rising act is taking.

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