Ama Millieir is laughing all the way to the “Bank”

Ama Millieir has become well known in Ireland for his flawless infusion of R&B and hip-hop and is one of the few who can hold his weight when it comes to both melodies and bars. This was evident on his last full-length project titled I Once Was which dropped in 2019. Millieir continues to flex these talents in his newest single “Bank.” 


“Bank” sees all the best parts of Millieir’s arsenal come to the forefront. The catchy flute instrumental blends masterfully with the hard-hitting trap elements. The stutter hi-hat patterns and knocking 808’s shows that Millieir never fails when it comes to beat selection. 

The auto-tune assisted melodies on offer here set a whole different vibe and the poetic penmanship displayed is second to none. The bars are in abundance and the cadence is never out of pocket with incredible flows all around. Lyrically, Ama is as good as he ever was. Self-celebratory lyrics about cash and women in abundance here, as well as, underlying themes of real-world experiences for analysis. Substance is high in this release. 

Ama Millieir has proven himself to be prolific when it comes to penning tracks that blend the genres of hip-hop and R&B masterfully and I feel that 2020 is going to be another year of Millieir cementing his worth on the bigger stage. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his name on the lips of the biggest names in the industry sooner rather than later. 

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