Amaal celebrates female liberation in the prismatic video for “Honey” [Video]

With ultra-confident elegance, Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter Amaal is holding it down for women everywhere on "Honey". Coming from a conservative, Muslim upbringing, Amaal boldly challenges outdated notions of what women can and can't be in the steamy new video.

Built on lush R&B notes from producer duo Nicky Davey, The throwback-inspired record—in the classic vein of Aaliyah and Timbaland—combines heavy, industrial snares with silky vocals to celebrate a new side of Amaal. We've watched the limitless lengths of her musical craftsmanship (or craftwomanship, rather) since the success of her first EP Black Dove–watching her expertly navigate slow, contemplative ballads, to upbeat, dance-embued tracks. And now on "Honey", Amaal is fully embracing the all-around female boss that she is.

Stepping off a plane in pumps, the Dan LeMoyne-directed video captures Amaal’s time-travelling aesthetic. She falls into a hypnotic rhythm, enhancing her futuristic edge as she embraces “Milly” (the name of both her alter-ego and forthcoming EP) with a series of glitchy moves, breathy fragments, and surrealist visuals. 

The behind-the scenes clips give us a glimpse into the video's elaborate details: from shimmery digital elements, to 90's R&B inspired-choreography, to the clever placement of a backdrop of Venus–the planet of beauty. It's evident that Amaal is redefining the independent woman with an alluring new flex.

With a commanding hook and lavish drip, “Honey” is a sexy ode to boss women everywhere who know their worth. 

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