Amber Ais can’t escape thoughts of her ex in “Pen”

Amber Ais‘ latest single, “Pen,” is an ode to that inescapable ex. The effortless, soft production and the masterful vocal layering provide a steady stream-of-consciousness style of songwriting that makes it feel truly genuine. Centering on the theme of how some people always make for a good muse, Ais doesn’t sugar-coat anything in her bold lyrical writing.


After her ex-boyfriend appeared in her dream, she knew she had another song in store. She explains, “Some people just make for good content. Even though he is not part of my life and I have no desire to be with him, some situations stick with you and are hard to escape them in your art.”

When she repeats the phrase, “I think I write too many songs about you,” her fading gentle voice leaves a haunting echo but in a soothing way, as if an old memory that fades in and out.

Amber Ais is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. Her earliest musical start was singing at church and writing songs at recess with her friends. At age 15, she got her first guitar and decided to pursue music fully and later began her studies at Berklee College of Music, where she majored in songwriting. She is currently working on new music to share and hopes to continue creating and collaborating with other writers and producers in the near future.

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