Ambrxse and Kallaghan share potent single “CONVERSATIONS”

Electronic music has evolved significantly over the years, blending different genres and sub-genres to create a unique sound that’s captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Among the new wave of electronic music artists making waves in the industry is Ambrxse, a global touring DJ and much sought-after vocalist whose fusion of tech house and vocals has been garnering momentum. Ambrxse’s sound is characterized by a blend of tech and melodic house, layered with powerful vocals that leave a lasting impression. The artist has collaborated with a wide range of marquee producers across different genres, showcasing his versatility and adaptability to different sounds. His latest offering is “CONVERSATIONS”, a collaboration with French artist Kallaghan, that contains a high energy, infectious sound that draws the listener in from the get-go.

Containing sweltering, raw synths that build expansively atop booming percussion and rich bass, “CONVERSATIONS” is an intense new song that blends electronica with pop textures for an eclectic release. The song’s vocals soar with resonant notes, while the immense production beneath creates an intriguing contrast with the silkiness of the vocal melodies. As a buoyant, summery groove builds, “CONVERSATIONS” turns into a grooving heater suitable for the warmer weather of the coming months.

The latest from Ambrxse and Kallaghan, “CONVERSATIONS” makes for a potent new electronic and pop release that finds the two sharing a natural chemistry.

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