ameliarose soars in her new single “NOSEDIVE”

19-year-old New York artist ameliarose releases the second single, “NOSEDIVE”, from her debut EP, due out this fall. Her last single “GOLIATH” showcased her powerhouse vocals against a raging production, describing overcoming toxic relationships.  This time, “NOSEDIVE” steers in the exact opposite way, presenting her softer range. 

ameliarose · NOSEDIVE – ameliarose

The key piano melody spins like a carousel, matching the countless rhetorical questions asked throughout the song. The piano is suddenly joined by an ethereal, starry production and pulsing percussion. Throughout, ameliarose’s vocals range from raspy whispers to power cries. It all makes for an emotional rollercoaster, especially with her dramatic lyrics. She says, “NOSEDIVE is about the defenseless feeling of repeated losses, due to emotional manipulation.”

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